South by South West is the only festival in the world that encompasses three of the world’s largest leading industries: music, film, and interactive technologies. During the ten day event, which starts with interactive, leads into film, and then concludes with music, there are few overlaps that highlight and merge the three events in a spatially cohesive and compelling manner. One of the most cutting edge technologies of our time is 3D printing. This technology, as President Obama has stated, “Has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything.” Of the 3D printers currently available, the D Shape printer is the largest with a maximum print size of 20 feet x 20 feet x 25 feet. The machine operates by depositing a liquid binder onto a powder bed made of a solid reactant and aggregate of either local materials (crushed rock, sand, gravel, etc.) or recycled material.

During SXSW 2014, 4dScape will be constructed on East Cesar Chavez Street, right across from the Austin Convention Center. The aim is to celebrate the construction site as an event space during the interactive part of SXSWeek by showcasing the technology, while also using ready made construction components. During the music part, 4dscape becomes a place where all participants can coalesce in a neutral territory: a place for leisure, lounging, and hydration. The 3d printed pods embody the multi-materiality capability of 3d printing: sand, biodegradable foam (for insulating the water bottles), and rebar (at stress points in the structure). The pods are designed to provide shading, places to sit, and insulated coolers and cup holders for the TyNant water bottles. The process of merging people in time and space celebrates the temporality of SXSW and the additive process of 3D printing.

Advanced Design Studio || Igor Siddiqui  || Spring 2013

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