One of the fundamentals of architectural design is contrast. To create visual variety, a designer must juxtapose elements. Black and white is an absolute contrast, as defined by the color wheel. Young artists and architects create abstract representations of reality through the use of a black medium on a white canvas. It is from this rudimentary representation that a designer is able to understand the essence of a concept for further development, i.e. 'color.' I remember my first week of architecture school when we were told to diagram a seed, and I naively used various colored pens. I had always loved color, it was bright and beautiful, and as an artist who loved to paint, I really couldn't understand this push for such a bleak palette of monochrome. It was through various readings and precedent studies that I finally began to understand the necessity for this exercise, because as Theo van Doesburg observes of Mondrian's early abstract art, "The idea 'becoming' has been expressed in black and white...Through years of hard work my own experiences have led me, before I came to know the theories of Uexkuell or Picasso, to prefer the use of the white-black-grey palette in works of a purely spiritual content..." Lately I have found myself doing the very same exercise with fashion, resorting to classic black and white ensembles, and I think as a result, my style is evolving in a much more refined and sophisticated manner.

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