I couldn't agree more with the Haute Pursuit - taking a great picture really is an art. Understanding how the dynamics of light and shadow can bring depth, volume and edge to an image is so important for any successful fashion blogger. As an architect, I study how these phenomenological effects can transform a space. In the same way that a simple outfit can make a huge statement given the right setting and lighting is true of architecture.

I chose this setting for my entry into the H&M | Bloglovin' Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year competition because while recently in the Wynwood Art District of Miami I felt a strong convergence of fashion, architecture, and art. I never dress to match a mural or a building, but love when I coincidentally stumble upon a street setting that brings my outfit to a new level of sartorial sophistication. None of this could be possible without architecture to create those dynamic perspectives with beautiful contrasting shadows, which couldn't be possible with out the sun/nature. Finding these simple, yet beautiful parallels is what continues to inspire me.

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