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Craft is many times overlooked in fashion and architecture. All too often do we buy a garment or a piece of decor or even a new home without fully appreciating the craft and care that went into the making of the item. Madewell has craft embedded in its name, in more than just a literal sense.

Every year when South by South West comes around, Austin locals can expect an eclectic mix of fashion, music and interactive mediums to invade the city. Rarely do you find a quaint little pop-up in the earthy chic boutique Hotel San Jose residing in my neighborhood of South Austin. It takes a real artist to cultivate a  meaningful pop-up, down to the detail of the concrete casted planters filled with cacti from the most vibrant succulent collection in town, East Austin Succulents.

Madewell always has a way of harnessing an essence that is truly their own. This essence embodies the reason we design or make-well. Design is an art, a craft that is extremely detail oriented and meticulous. Ultimately it’s the cultural well-being that comes as a by-product of the design that really matters. Bringing together good people to celebrate craft, in this case, chain stitch embroidery by the talented team at Ft. Lonesome in a beautiful nature driven space by famous Texas architects, Lake Flato, made this truly a memorable SXSW experience.

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