SXSW always cultivates an eclectic mix of music, film, and interactive experiences. While fashion is always present, it has never really been fully celebrated until recently with the launch of SXStyle. SXSW is the first major festival of the year - it kicks off festival season with a fresh take on fashion reminiscent of basic, comfortable A/W (Autumn/Winter) styles, but foreshadowing the future of more laid-back, bohemian influenced S/S (Spring/Summer) looks. From boho to hippie chic to what i am recently hearing as hobo chic, you see it all during festival season. The impact that festivals have on fashion trendsĀ is incredible - really, they are their own fashion weeks in a sense. I'm currently channeling Coachella through what I like to call 'desert vibes' - letting fashion, nature, and architecture merge by admiring all the beautiful, architectural succulents and cacti here in AustinĀ as a celebration of Earth Day.

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