I am very excited to finally present a piece of my architecture, what I like to call caradisegno. My Italian grandma, Mimsy, named me Cara, which means "dear" in Italian  or "charming, cherished, nice, kind, and loved." While I would love to claim that I myself exude all of these qualities, I am far from perfect. So, on a more humble note, I will proudly claim that my designs are an attempt to embody the word cara. 
My interest in the parallels between fashion, architecture and art inspired me to start this blog. The architectural model above, which is an enlarged study (1/8" scale) of a studio space with exposed structure and concrete finishes just so happened to also reveal the same proportions of a typical bracelet. I now use this piece to hang and display several of my favorite bracelets and bangles. It has served as an inspiration for several other models and projects. Whether or not I pre or post-rationalize these models to be jewelry storing devices will be left up to the discretion of the viewer, the user, the wearer, or the inhabitant of caradisegno.
Vertical Studio || Joyce Rosner || Spring 2012

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