DMST, which stands for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, is a wide-spread, horrifying crime that exploits millions of innocent people globally, including thousands of young girls in the United States alone, each year. The Refuge for DMST will be the first long-term residential therapy and restoration shelter in Texas for female survivors of DMST.

The dove tiles project is a creative collaboration that was conceived by Reach Architects, the architectural firm designing The Refuge. The tessellation of doves is a symbol of finding internal peace, restoration and freedom from pain. The tiles will be integrated throughout various walls of The Refuge to demonstrate communal love, hope, and support for the girls.

The concept has evolved into a larger effort through increased awareness and contributions from ceramic students at South Lakes High School in Reston, Virginia. I stand with the designers at Reach Architects, all of the wonderful staff at The Refuge, who continue to dedicate their lives to the restoration and healing of survivors, and all of the people in the world who aim to make this planet a better place.

Although these terrifying truths exist in today’s world, there are also forces of good which are gaining ground in their efforts to eradicate these evils once and for all. If you are interested in painting a tile to give to the girls or giving to the girls through a charitable donation, such as beauty products, clothing, or accessories, please contact