Living a life full of color brings happiness to one’s life, and sometimes that color is not metaphorical, but actually quite literal. I have always loved collecting colorful, hand crafted items during my travels, especially if they reflect meaningful cultural values.

I was so excited when Maryale of Ix-tile contacted me to collaborate. Born and raised in Mexico, she grew up admiring her mother’s love for textiles and design. After a lot of traveling to Mexico, in particular, Chiapas - one of the most poverty stricken states in Mexico - she decided to open up her Etsy shop ‘Ix-tile’ to reveal the beautiful textiles made by indigenous artisan women in small communities throughout Mexico.

In most of these communities, it is primarily the women who provide for their families, many by selling all kinds of textiles or other artisanal goods. Ix-tile supports fair trade opportunities, where these women can earn a sustainable income to become leaders in their families and communities, thus empowering them to flourish in their traditional artisanal trade.

Maryale’s main goal is to spread the word about the beautiful traditions these women cherish - on how empowering these women can empower you and I, and bring beauty and color to our everyday lives.

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