Dating all the way back to the sixteenth-century, lace has become a delicacy in the textile and fashion industry. While there are a variety of fabrication techniques, patterns, colors, and materials that can create ‘lace,’ one thing always remains the same – it embodies femininity and romanticism like no other textile. Why do you think the most beautiful of wedding gowns incorporate lace or lace like patterns? The ethereal quality of lace is achieved through a simple formula of what I like to call architecting nature.

Step one involves visualizing a floral design derived from the natural patterns of a garden - of whimsical flowers interlacing with other in an organic fashion. Step two involves a subtractive technique called ‘cutwork,’ or taking away thread to create a perforated or holed textile that allows the fabric to breath and work with nature’s elements of air and light.

Architecting a design that simulates nature in the form of a textile is an art in itself. All too often in fashion do we disregard the labor intensive design and construction process and focus on just the product. Remember that next time you put on your favorite lace bra or garment – those delicates are complex and deserving of lots of love!

No matter where I am, this lace cover-up courtesy of Zinke Intimates, always adds the perfect touch of femininity to my style. Best of all, it is a classic multi-purpose piece that I can dress up or down, wear any time of the year (perennials exist in closets too!), at any year in my life– I may be a grandma one day sporting this little get up!

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