My Philosophy

What is a lookbook? I’ve been asking myself that question over and over again as I begin to reinvent and refine Caradisegno. Scrolling through my Instagram feed one night, having total ‘blogger’s block,’ I came across an image which truly inspired me. The power of an image is when it can speak for itself.

‘Made in Italy’ are the three words I swear by when it comes to design. But what really characterizes something that is made in Italy? The image from Philoshopy, a collection produced by Lorenzo Serafini, Creative Director of Alberta Ferretti, celebrates elegance, quality and innovation Made in Italy. As an Italian who appreciates tradition and as an architect who values craft, this line says it all when it comes to defining the key characteristics of Italian design and culture. Femininity, lightness, and sensuality are the stylistic traits that define Philosophy. With flowing lines, visually impactful prints, and soft natural fabrics, these traits come alive through their play on nature. Now begs the question – but what really is a philosophy and how can a lookbook convey a philosophy?

The women chosen for the editorial exude power, confidence, joy and love. They are women who think, who analyze and define and redefine the role of fashion in society; they dig a little deeper to uncover and communicate through their individual style. The new Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini celebrates the uniqueness of contemporary women. It is my hope that through the Caradisegno Lookbook, I am able to discover my own unique philosophy through the analysis of the many parallels between fashion, architecture, art, and nature.