Okay, yes, some obvious and very literal parallels here between fashion, architecture and art. Pastel colored geometries lining my skirt and the building behind me - just perfect, or in Italian you might say sprezzatura. Seriously though, Trevor and I spontaneously stumbled upon this building while exploring East Austin. Learning more about it, its not just your average pre-fabricated steel warehouse, it is a non-profit arts organization committed to fostering a dynamic exchange between visionary artists and audiences called the Salvage Vanguard Theater. It's a place that "seeks to combine explosive energy with expert technique, creating forms that defy tradition and define new American theater." The beauty of spontaneity, or a feeling of freedom and naturalness that one obtains from being in a well-designed space, is much less obvious than its physical or apparent beauty, but is something designers must think about. Wearing this skirt always evokes some sort of feeling like this. Thank you, Amy Smilovic, of Tibi  for your spontaneous, yet sophisticated designs. As the Coveteur said in regards to her design philosophy, "Who said minimalism couldn't be loud?"

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