Proportion, or the comparative relation between things or magnitudes as to size, quantity, and number. An obvious concept in architecture, fashion, and art that the human eye subconsciously recognizes, but doesn't always completely register. When we think about proportion, we think about the matter of fact, the face value of it as a ratio of this many to that many. What we fail to comprehend is the pure intention that takes place in the design process of any piece of architecture, fashion, or art in order to achieve the relative proportions.

I chose this context for this outfit not only to coordinate color, but more so because I was interested in the proportions of the grid. Trevor was able to capture this relationship, especially in the last photo, by emphasizing the exact ratio between the dress 'skirt' (from waist to hemline) and the module of one square in the grid. Similarly, in the first photo, capturing the contour of my body (exaggerated with the blazer) within the frame of the door. Giving attention to this kind of detail is what makes the study of proportions more than just a mathematical relationship, but is what brings an outfit, photograph, painting, or whatever design medium a sense of order, balance, and beauty.

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