H&M is my bread and butter. Add a little jam to the mix with a romantic dessert bed and breakfast backdrop - and I'm one happy girl. From their H&M Conscious line to the H&M Loves Music collection, I am always anchoring my outfits with pieces from H&M.

For the H&M | Bloglovin' Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year competition, I am entering Something Navy's Challenge because I find it so important, and difficult at times, to express my personal style in written form. My creative mind always has me feeling scatter-brained, but clarity really helps me understand who I am as a fashion blogger. I try to always keep in mind what my main goal is - to unveil the parallel concepts in fashion, architecture, art, and nature - and how each post can convey a parallel concept with intentionality.

The richness of textures and patterns can only come alive with a solid foundation or base, as so evident at this beautiful retreat in Palm Springs called Korakia Pensione. In a similar way that the white base of the buildings provide a solid foundation for textures and punches of color from the vibrant bougainvillea plants, the black base of the leather jacket and top let the striped skirt speak for itself, and not compete. Furthermore, the bold stripes and vintage accents in both my outfit and throughout the retreat help dramatize and diversify the scale of the space/body. Finding this appropriate balance in the design of a space, outfit, painting, or landscape isn't always easy, but with a little help from H&M, it can be done right and seem absolutely effortless.

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