Humble beginnings in Pasay City, Philippines has paved a path of determination for fashion designer, Rocky Gathercole. As he begins to embark outside of the typical US fashion landmarks, next in Austin on October 30th, let’s take a step back to see how this daring designer has gone from runaway to runway, while staying true to himself and his modest roots.

Craft is many times overlooked in fashion and architecture. All too often do we buy a garment or a piece of decor or even a new home without fully appreciating the craft and care that went into the making of the item. Madewell has craft embedded in its name, in more than just a literal sense.

What is a lookbook? I’ve been asking myself that question over and over again as I begin to reinvent and refine Caradisegno. Scrolling through my Instagram feed one night, having total ‘blogger’s block,’ I came across an image which truly inspired me. The power of an image is when it can speak for itself.