Summer staycation in the city – well spent at the W Hotel downtown celebrating five years with Trevor. I must say I felt like a real glamorous fashion blogger for the weekend, enjoy my complimentary stay, filled with wet deck lounging, succulent admiring, and relaxing spa time. I seriously felt like a new person after the ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’ massage, which I highly recommend if you ever have a spare three-hundred dollars. The life of a fashion blogger is always portrayed so ideal – effortlessly perfect scenarios, i.e. girl with curls and coffee and a bouquet of flowers that magically fits into their very simple, yet very pricey tote, because who doesn’t carry fresh flowers around everyday? So don’t be fooled by this rare escape to a tropical paradise – architecture took a hold of me the very next day. Sometimes it’s okay to escape reality for a bit though, and let yourself be.
From the Wet Deck to the Moody Theater, the W Hotel ATX is always hosting fun events, and I am so honored to have been selected as the winner of their SXSW Insider Instagram contest. Make sure to follow them on instagram(@whotelatx) for your chance to win other fun prizes – hey, maybe even a trip to their Bali location… a girl can dream, right?

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